My story
Art by Miranda Saint James
My name is Miranda Saint James
Being diagnosed with Lupus took away my ability to work as a business owner and robbed me of self worth and self sufficiency. It was frustrating to go from feeling like I was beginning my life to feeling like it was over. Mentally, my motivation was still there, but I lacked the energy to do anything productive.
That all changed when I discovered water color.

I took a course from a well known artist and fell in love. The challenge of water color had me completely addicted. With this medium nothing can be undone once it has touched the paper!
As you may have noticed, my style is very different than what people traditionally think of when they hear "water color". Rather than flowing, transparent, and loose paintings, mine tend to be detail oriented and more opaque. Believe me, I have tried the traditional style and it's just not in me! Rather than fight it, I have embraced my style. I realized in the end it's all about finding myself.

My paintings are inspiration driven.

Whether it's saving the bees, protecting circus animals, or supporting our first responders, each painting has a message. Due to my health and the elaborateness of my style, each painting takes me many weeks to finish. Ultimately, this means...
 a lot of love and effort has gone into each and every one!

I know that one day my paintings will become my legacy and I want them to say something meaningful about the person I am and the change I hoped to see in our world.